Our member CFAR CABs are doing some great things across the country please take a look: 

Brown/Lifespan/Tufts CFAR

Case Western Reserve CFAR CAB


Duke University CFAR CAB

Emory University CFAR CAB

Harvard University CFAR CAB

Johns Hopkins University CFAR CAB

University of Alabama at Birmingham CFAR CAB

Providence Boston CFAR

University of California at Los Angeles CFAR

University of California at San Diego

University of California at San Francisco

University of Miami CFAR CAB

University of North Carolina CFAR CAB

University of Pennsylvania CFAR CAB

University of Rochester CFAR CAB

University of Washington CFAR CAB

Tennessee CFAR

Third Coast CFAR


The People associated with these great CABs:


Executive Committee:

Andre H. Ford, NCCC Chair   (Penn CFAR CAB)

Craig Hutchinson, NCCC Vice Chair (UCLA CFAR)

Jimmy Gibbs, NCCC Secretary (UNC CFAR CAB)

Daiquiri Robinson, NCCC Treasurer (Penn CFAR CAB)

Jeff Mazos, NCCC Assistant Treasurer (Case CFAR CAB)



Wanda Allen  (Harvard)

Michael Barnes (UW)

Jesse Brooks (UCSF)

Cesar Cadabes (UCSF)

Martha Cameron (DC)

Danielle Campbell (UCLA)

Wallace Corbett (DC)

Steve Dellinger (UAB)

Tiffany Dominique (Penn)

Marcia Ellis (DC)

Terl Gleason (Duke)

Paul Goudet (Providence-Boston)

Caressa Harding (UNC)

Damaris Henderson (Emory)

Tanya Henderson

Edward Jackson (UAB)

James Jackson (UCSD)

Loren Jones (UCSF)

George Kerr (DC)

Tiye Link (Tennessee)

Kelly Ross Davis (UAB)

Ericka Patrick (Emory)

Arnetta Phillips (Miami)

Shirley Savage (UAB)

Ron Simmons (DC)

Carlton Smith (JHU)

Lauren Sterling (UCSF)

Gladys Thomas (Penn)

Hector Torres (Third Coast)

Evelyn Ullah (Miami)

Lawrence Vinson (Harvard)

Marlon Wallen (Harvard)

Bri Walker (Emory)

Jordan White (JHU)

Michael Willoughby (Rochester)

A. Toni Young (DC)

Daniel Zariczny (Providence-Boston)



























Join us


We are an ever expanding group and would love to add you to our list of member organizations.

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